Animal Feed

Zinc Oxide used in compound animal feeds.

Zinc oxide is recognized as an essential micronutrient to both plants and animals.
In crop farming, zinc oxide is added to fertilizers to compensate for deficiency in zinc or for poor bio-availability resulting from the composition of the soil.
Zinc oxide is used in compound animal feeds and mineral premixes as a source for the essential element zinc.
Everzinc most used grades for those applications include the well known low lead feed grades Afox 72® and Afox 75®

An extensive scientific study conducted by the UR Livestock Research Group of the Wageningen University (The Netherlands), proved that the absorbability in broiler chickens of different qualities of EverZinc’s zinc oxide is close or even better than the absorbability of zinc sulphate. See the article published in the magazine All AboutFeed, volume 22, No 10, 2014 pages 16-17.