Coffee break with Dave Liegeois


For more than ten years, Dave Liegeois has been working for EverZinc in Eijsden, his hometown. Hired as a Transport Planner, he was recently promoted to the function of Customer Service Specialist. This shift takes him from the last link of the chain to the first.

Dave, you were brought up in Eijsden, have you ever heard about this plant before you started to work for EverZinc?

Yes, I have lived here for 21 years, and as long as I can remember, I have always known the company. Even though the name has changed a couple of times (laughs). However, I have to admit that I almost didn’t know anything about Zinc Oxide when I arrived.

But today, you are one of the most experienced employees on your site.

That’s it. I started here on 7 November 2007… a day I will never forget! Who would have thought that I would be here today? After my teenage years, I was a bit lost. I tried a lot of studies, but I didn’t really know what to do with my life. So I started to work in the construction as a carpenter, but I didn’t like my job. Later, I discovered the logistics in a company called Boston Scientific. I enjoyed it and quickly became a team leader. After that, I worked on the DSM site in Heerlen/Geleen where I gained more experience as a teamleader for a logistics company called Wim Bosman. And I finally got hired here, at Everzinc as the company was looking for a transport planner.

As a Transport Planner, you had to deal a lot with the unexpected. And it has to be the same in the Customer Service. Is it something you like?

I love it! One of my former bosses used to tell me “There are no problems, only challenges”. I think it’s true. In logistics, we say that our job is to organize the chaos. You never know what can happen. But when you have a good team with reliable people, it is easy to solve them because you can trust on eachothers efforts. I always say that the people in our team are more like friends or family than colleagues and that’s our strength.

Tomorrow, it’s the weekend, what is your plan?

My girlfriend is working so I have to clean the garage… otherwise she will punish me ! (laughs). I’m kidding, I am 37 now and I don’t go out as much as I did when I was younger. I have a lot of passions: I like cooking as it allows me to relax; I am a fan of Ajax Amsterdam, and watch the game on TV every weekend. I loved to play football when I was younger, but due to injuries not possible anymore. I am also a gamer, since a long time, started as Semi-pro in the 90’s now it’s only a hobby.