EverZinc Group continues to grow its zinc oxide activities

In 2019, EverZinc Group invested in zinc oxide to increase production to 85,000 tons through company acquisition and new production lines.

Already known as the largest European producer with facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway and as a global supplier with substantial business activities in North America and Asia, EverZinc expanded its zinc oxide operations in 2019.

In January, EverZinc acquired two companies, GHChemicals and MicroZinc today known as EverZinc Canada and EverZinc Refiningto support our market growth in North America. At the same time, we also increased the capacity of our existing European factories in Norway and the Netherlands to continue to support the development of our commercial strategy.

From 55KT in 2018, we managed to reach a production capacity of 85KT in 2019 in our different plants!

 Furthermore, EverZinc extended its range of products with zinc oxide grades suitable for all types of applications, from the animal feed market to the highest standard GMP certified products for the pharmaceutical industry. 

This is in large part thanks to our numerous and varied production technologies that allow us to produce both French and American process zinc oxides.

 Today, more than ever, EverZinc is committed to continue to work to better serve our customer base and create products that matter!