Zinc is essential, now more than ever

Covid-19 pandemic is creating unprecedent challenges for all of us. As a colleague of EverZinc, this is how your contribution will help facing the outbreak.

At EZ, health and safety are key for us. This has always been a priority, in our daily operations and more than ever in the current crisis situation. As global and reliable partner, as for the entire manufacturing sector, maintaining business continuity is critical for our supplier’s and customer’s supply chains. Many of our products are used in critical applications of our daily lives. Our business also puts us in a unique position to help and contribute in this global fight against the coronavirus. Our Zinc Oxide is used in many pharmaceutical applications, in the healthcare sector and in the animal nutrition. Our Fine Zinc Powder is so useful for the hygiene sector. We see an increase of the demand in this sector due to the new challenges related to the spread of the virus. And we can also mention the global use of alkaline batteries, no possibility to produce them without our zinc powder. We have received recently numerous letters from our customers, leading companies in their industry, indicating that they have been identified by governments and institutions that they are essential actors and that all should be done, including on their suppliers side, meaning EverZinc, to continue to operate Zinc is a key component for so many critical applications, we have the responsibility in these times to continue operations and we thank all the workers/partners/contractors who can help us every day to continue to operate, in the strict respect of the individual and collective protection measures put in place by the authorities. What we all do matters. Each one of you can bring his stone to the building to get through this period together. Be safe, stay safe !

Vincent Dujardin,

Chief Executive Officer, EverZinc

P.S : You will find a lot of articles and videos on the net showing how Zinc is Essential for Live. As it is also important to release the pressure we all have today, please watch this video: