Rechargeable Zinc Materials

Powering tomorrow's batteries

A new business unit entirely dedicated to rechargeable zinc batteries

RZM (Rechargeable Zinc Materials) is EverZinc's new business unit committed to “Powering Tomorrow’s Batteries” by developing and supplying advanced zinc materials for rechargeable batteries. As a leading provider of battery materials, we aim to support the global decarbonization of our economy by making energy storage (ESS) and transportation (EV) affordable, safe and sustainable.


Energy storage

  • Smart energy grid
  • Telecommunication
  • Data centers
  • UPS


  • Electric bikes
  • Electric scooters
  • Wheelchairs
  • Start-stop technologies

Why Zinc ?

  • Zinc is abundant
  • Zinc is safe
  • Zinc is non-toxic
  • Zinc is recyclable
  • Zinc is full of energy

Find the right product for your zinc battery


Alloyed Zinc Powder

Zinc Oxide


Air Atomization

Centrifugal atomization

Indirect (French) process


All Hg-, Pb-, Cd-, free. Alloyed with Bi, In, Al.

High purity “Pharma grades“


High purity (Super Special High Grade or “Battery grade“ ) Zn

Special High Grade Zn


Tailored physical properties for battery energy and power

Low gassing for long life

Tailored specific surface Free-flowing for high dispersibility


Anode material for : - Rechargeable zinc-manganese, -nickel, -air, -ion Anode material for : - Rechargeable zinc-manganese, -nickel, -air, -ion

R-Zinc - Zinc Battery Meeting

EverZinc is the organizer of R-Zinc, a series of events entirely dedicated to rechargeable zinc batteries. As the initiator of this new annual meeting, our aim is to build a community around zinc with material and battery researchers, developers, starters,  producers and end-users, and to collaborate with these experts and all others who choose to join us on this ambitious journey.

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