Fine Zinc Powder 

EverZinc uses the most advanced manufacturing technology for the production of fine zinc powder.

The Angleur process (atomization), Larvik and Fu Hong processes (distillation) offer the widest range of products, satisfying the needs in terms of purity and particle size of all the industrial applications for fine zinc powders.

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produced from recycled secondary zinc
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Markets & Applications


Coating industry

  • Paint
    • Marine
    • Protective coating
    • Container paint
  • Flakes
    • Automotive industry
    • Nuts and bolts
  • Mechanical plating and sherardizing
    • Nuts and bolts
    • Complex parts

Chemical industry

  • Purification of Zinc solutions
  • Sodium Hydrosulfite
  • Organo chemistry pharmaceutical and biosciences
  • Mining (Recovery of precious metals)
  • Greases and lubricants

Zinc rich paints are paints in which the zinc metal pigments functions as the active anticorrosion component. It is present in the dry paint film at levels of 85-92 wt%. It is due to these high levels of zinc metal pigments that the paint has the qualities of a metallic zinc film which allows the paint to protect the steel by a multiple mechanism of barrier, cathodic and physico-chemical protection.

For other applications (e.g. shop primers) where a short term protection is needed (6 months to 1 year), the zinc content is considerably lower.

For many decades zinc rich paints have been considered to be the most effective anti-corrosion paint systems in use, and have a proven excellence in this application. The thickness of these zinc primers can vary between 6 and 125 microns: the higher the thickness and the higher the zinc content, the longer they may provide the anti-corrosion protection to the steel.

The main application area of zinc powder paints is in the anti-corrosion protection for industrial construction (steel infrastructure, pipelines, bridges, windmills, off shore rigs, petrochemical and power industries.…) and the anti-corrosion protection for marine applications (sea containers, construction and maintenance of ships and marine equipment).

As the leader in the field of Fine Zinc Powders EverZinc is developing new products and is investigating Fine Zinc Powder applications. This is described in a number of publications : China Coating Journal July 2009 and March 2010JPCL March 2013 and December 2015Nace 2009PCE January 2012Wind Technology March 2012ECS Nurnberg 2013.

Zinc Metal Pigments (ZMP) are extensively used in mechanical plating / galvanizing, whereby small steel parts (screws, fasteners, rivets, bolts,…) are coated with a very thin uniform layer of zinc, providing enhanced corrosion protection without the introduction of hydrogen embrittlement.

Sherardizing is an application to put a zinc coating on small steel parts, this application is similar to Mechanical Plating but applies at higher temperature (380-450° C).

Fine Zinc Powders are used in many chemical applications.
EverZinc is the world’s leading fine zinc powder producer and supplier of zinc powders used in chemistry. As the market leader, EverZinc is continuously looking for innovative fine zinc powders for the life science market.

Life Science applications

Fine zinc metal powder, the reagent for Synthesis of Organozinc compounds!

Fine Zinc Powders (FZP), a competitive solution in Organic synthesis and organometallic Chemistry – “Already used for decades”.

Recovery of precious (gold & silver) and PGM group metals (Merrill Crowe Process)

Sodium Hydrosulphite-based reducing agents are mainly used in three sectors:

• Paper industry: bleaching of mechanical pulp, de-inked pulp and kaolin clay
• Textiles: reducing vat dyes (indigo), decolourising dyes, bleaching fibres, yarn and fabrics
• Specialist chemicals: a powerful reducing agent used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, metals and antioxidants.

Purification of leach solutions for the zinc metal production


EverZinc has always been a pioneer in offering fine zinc powder for a better environment to its customers. With the aid of our unique atomization process, we have for many years offered zinc powders of highest purity (SHG quality), this product being compliant with the stringent demands of ASTM D520 Type III.

We have also improved our recycling technology to produce distilled zinc metal pigment from zinc secondaries and can now offer grades with even lower levels of impurities, to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers, worldwide.

Upon request, we also supply distilled zinc metal pigment to conform to ASTM D520 Type II.

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