EverZinc offers a variety of zinc oxide products for use in pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetics applications

Zinc oxide is used in these applications for various benefits, such as wound healing, skin healing, mild bactericidal, source of the essential element zinc and UV absorbing properties. Applications include, skin creams, anti-fungal creams, baby creams, medicinal tapes, dietary supplements and sunscreens.

Zinc oxide is also used as active ingredient (API) in veterinary products.

For all of these applications, Everzinc offers the following product ranges:

Zinc oxide Pharma

  • High purity zinc oxide
  • EP/USP compliant, ISO-9001 quality system
  • Suitable for non-API applications

Zinc oxide Pharma-GMP

  • EP/USP compliant high purity zinc oxide
  • Manufactured in full compliance to ICH-Q7 GMP guidelines
  • Covered by official GMP certificate (issued by the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate)
  • Covered by CEP certificate
  • Suitable as API in pharmaceutical and veterinary applications


  • Specifically designed for optimum UV protection and aesthetics
  • Various options available, such as Zano® 10 and Zano® M
  • Ideal to control finished products aesthetics, also in non-UV related applications such as skin creams