Plastic applications: Zano®20

Zano® 20 is an ultra fine zinc oxide powder specifically engineered and manufactured for plastic, fibers and textile applications. It offers broadband UVA & UVB protection while maintaining high levels of transparency. These combined properties, food contact compliancy (EU & FDA), stability and ease of use, make of Zano®20 an ideal additive solution to extend shelf life and improve product performance.



Zano®20  is also available with various surface treatments for optimum compatibility with a given plastic compound:

  • Zano® 20 Plus: hydrophobic surface treatment (C8 carbon chain)
  • Zano® 20 Plus-2: amino functional treatment
  • Zano® 20 Plus-3: ester functional treatment (EU & FDA Food contact compliant)       

Zano®20 andZano®20 Plus are manufactured and tested in compliance with GMP Part II / ICH Q7 requirements.

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