Raw materials

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EverZinc is Europe’s second largest consumer of primary zinc and also consumes primary zinc in Asia. We buy primarily SHG zinc but also extra pure SHG, so-called Super SHG, for battery applications.

Next to that, we are one of the biggest recycler and consumer of residues from the galvanizing industry.

Some 40% of the zinc units processed by EverZinc come from secondary sources, EverZinc thereby aims to reduce energy and primary raw materials requirements and this, without jeopardizing the high quality standards of our products.

EverZinc is constantly in the market for the purchase of a range of suitable secondary raw materials to be used in one or the other of its plants located in Eijsden (NL), Zolder (B), Larvik(NO), and Pasir Gudang (MAL).

Bottom drosses

Min 94 % Zn
Ingots or big blocks of max 1,5T (MAL) – 2,5T (NO)
In bulk or on pallets

Crude skimmings (crude ashes)

Zn total : +/- 80 %
Zn metal : +/- 50 %

In bulk or in drums or big bags

Crushed skimmings (treated ashes)

Zn : +/- 70 %

In bulk or in drums or big bags

To secure the supply in a safe way, we dispense more than 1000 containers to our suppliers for the collection of the skimmings, and more than 100 moulds for casting the hard spelters.