Tyres & Rubbers

The rubber manufacturing sector is the most important user of zinc oxide worldwide. As an important accelerator in the vulcanization process, zinc oxide is an essential ingredient in most rubber products, and its effects also contribute to the physical properties of the finished rubber product. Main grades used in this application are EPM, Red Seal, Green Seal, and Neige.


  • EPM

    Zinc oxide EPM is an American process (direct method) zinc oxide, which is produced through a reduction-oxidation process. The result is high-quality zinc oxide with low and controlled lead, cadmium, copper, or manganese content and no metallic parts.

  • Neige (powder or granules)

    Neige zinc oxide is a very pure product produced through the French (Indirect process) obtained by the oxidation of very pure zinc vapour. The powder can be post-treated to obtain soft granules that help ensure a good dispersion in the rubber. The advantages of granulation for our customers are flowability, the absence of dust, and greater ease weighing the product.

  • Red Seal powder

    Red Seal zinc oxide is a French (indirect process) zinc oxide obtained by the oxidation of zinc vapour. This product is the most cost-efficient in the indirect process product range.