Veterinary GMP for Prescription (POM)

Zinc oxide is well known as a medicinal product for piglets, whose intestinal barrier is altered in the post-weaning period. At a treatment level of 3.100 mg/kg for around 14 days, zinc oxide is used to treat and control post-weaning diarrhea. This widespread use of zinc oxide as a prescription-only medicine (POM) shows the effectiveness of this effect in the post-wean challenge as an alternative to antibiotics.


  • Zinc Oxide Veterinary GMP

    With lead content of less than 50 parts per million (PPM), this very pure indirect ZnO is strictly controlled at every stage of its production process in conformity with the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) legislation. This makes it suitable for a veterinary treatment under medicinal prescription. The zinc oxide Veterinary GMP is covered by an official GMP certificate and CEP. It further meets the specifications of the European (EP) and United States (USP) Pharmacopoeia monographs for zinc oxide.