Zinc Battery Materials


With 40 years of experience in the battery zinc powder field, EverZinc has developed a wide range of alloyed zinc powders and zinc oxides designed to meet our customers’ needs.

Our unique centrifugal or spinning-disk atomization process allows us to improve alkaline batteries from performance to shelf life, as well as to produce alloyed zinc powder that can be tailored to specific battery requirements, from low to high drain.

As a pioneer in the battery market, EverZinc is now venturing into the rechargeable zinc battery market where many opportunities have been emerging with e-mobility and e-stationary applications. Zinc offers the optimal solution, when compared with the traditional Pb-Acid starter battery and the still young Li-Ion systems. Zinc has the distinct advantage of cost, energy content and operational performance against Pb-Acid in stationary batteries. Zinc is also cheaper, more available, more sustainable, (environmental impact and recycling) and safer than Li-Ion, making it a credible candidate for e-buses, scooters, bikes and forklifts in addition to on-grid and off-grid stationary storage systems in domestic and industrial power, telecom and emergency systems. Many successful rechargeable zinc battery systems have recently come to market, a number of them with EverZinc support. For these new applications, EverZinc also manufactures high purity zinc oxide in various grades that can be used in conjunction with or as a substitute for zinc powder.



Alloyed Zinc Powder

Zinc Oxide


Air Atomization/ Centrifugal atomization

Indirect (French) process


All Hg-, Pb-, Cd-, free. Alloyed with Bi, In, Al.

High purity “Pharma grades“


High purity (Super Special High Grade or “Battery grade“ ) Zn

Special High Grade Zn


Low gassing (long life), high energy, tailored to battery demand profile

Tailored specific surface, high dispersibility


Primary alkaline and Zn-Air batteries for portable (consumer) stationary (industrial) and miniature (button cell) applications. Rechargeable Zn batteries.

Applicable in primary (as anode additive) and rechargeable (as negative anode material) batteries