Chemicals and lubricants

Fine Zinc Powder

Fine Zinc Powder is also important in chemical reactions and is used in various kinds of organic reactions such as Cyclopronation, the [2+2]-Cycloaddition, the Clemensen reduction, the Dehalogenation of tribromothiophenes, the Azo-coupling or the Production of organozinc halides.

In terms of applications, these reactions are important for life science applications (as fine zinc powder acts as the reagent for the synthesis of organozinc compounds), for the recovery of precious (eg. gold and silver) and platinum group metals (as produced in the Merrill Crowe Process) or in the purification process of leach solutions for the zinc metal production.

Another very important use of fine zinc powder is its catalyst role in the production of Sodium Hydrosulphite, which is mainly used in three sectors:

  • Paper industry: bleaching of mechanical pulp, de-inked pulp and kaolin clay
  • Textiles: reducing vat dyes (indigo), decolourising dyes, bleaching fibres, yarn and fabrics
  • Specialist chemicals: a powerful reducing agent used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, metals and antioxidants.

Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is used in the chemical industry for its own properties (anti UV properties, for instance, or to increase the viscosity of a material) or as part of a more complex catalyst system to drive a wide range of organic chemical reactions.

Various chemicals use ZnO in as part of their manufacturing process, such as zinc stearate, zinc diacrylate, zinc borate, and others. These chemicals are themselves used in several applications that include plastics, rubbers and flame retardant materials.

Another well-known zinc oxide application is its ability to remove sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide from the gases of, for example, hydrocarbon plants.

Zinc oxide is also used both for the production of zinc dithiophosphates and certain specialized lubricants and grease formulations such as greases for high temperature or high-pressure applications or automotive lubricants. The main role of zinc oxide in automotive engine oils is to help in reducing the oxidation, corrosion and wear on the engine.


  • Fine Zinc Powder

    As the global market leader of Fine Zinc Powder (formerly named zinc dust) with a production capacity of 100.000 tons per year, we developed three unique production process (Atomization, Larvik & Muffle), allowing us to offer the widest range of products.

  • Zinc Oxide - All indirect or French process grades

    Depending on the requested purity, the specific surface area needed and the physical aspects, Everzinc can propose the following grades : Pharma, Neige, Green Seal, CO or Red Seal. All these products are issued from the indirect or French process and this wide range of products combined with our ability to produce specific surface areas upon request allow us to offer the product really suiting our customer’s needs.

  • Zano®

    We developed Zano®, a non-nano ultrafine zinc oxide that combines excellent broadband UVA/UVB absorption properties with high level of transparency in a wide range of applications. Therefore, Zano® is used worldwide in skincare and suncare applications as well as in polymers.