Zano® 20 is an ultrafine zinc oxide powder manufactured using EverZinc’s patented production process. Benefitting from a controlled narrow particle size distribution, Zano® 20 is an ideal additive with various applications in the polymer industries. Available in different surface treatment versions, Zano® 20 is made to be specifically compatible and dispersible in polymeric systems.



The Zano® 20 products range offer broadband UVA & UVB protection while maintaining high levels of transparencyThe characteristics of Zano® inorganic chemistry, when paired with the non-migratory, long lasting effects and heat stability without the typical drawback of blooming and discoloration, make Zano®20 an ideal additive solution for both food and non-food, rigid and flexible, plastic applications such as packaging, film and textile.

According to consumer and market trends for transparent packaging, protecting some sensitive elements, such as pigment, fats, protein and vitamins with an effective broadband UV absorber will minimize discoloration, off-flavors, and vitamin loss, and improve the quality and shelf-life of the packed content.


The high surface area and high surface reactivity of Zano® 20 is an interesting alternative in the vulcanization process, bringing accelerated crosslinking and allowing the reduction of Zinc Oxide usage and content in rubber. Lowering the Zinc Oxide content through the use of Zano® 20 is minimizing the Zinc Oxide environmental footprint in the rubber industry.

Engineered polymers

The fine particle size distribution makes Zano®-Al an efficient absorber of broadband UVA and UVB, while the Al-doping accounts for IR blocking. When used as a high concentration filler close to the percolation level, Zano®-Al will bring permanent anti-static properties to non-transparent applications.

  • Zano® 20: is an uncoated ultrafine Zinc Oxide manufactured in compliance with GMP Part II/ ICH requirements and compliant for food contact application. Zano® 20 is used in hydrophilic systems and /or in systems where optimum Zinc Oxide surface reactivity is required.
  • Zano® 20 Plus: is a surface treated Zano® 20 with long carbon chain (C8) making the surface hydrophobic. It is manufactured in compliance with GMP Part II/ ICH requirements.The hydrophobic surface makes it more compatible with improved dispersion in polymer systems, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, for applications not in contact with food.
  • Zano® 20 Plus 3: is a surface treated Zano® 20 with ester functionality. Zano® 20 Plus 3 is compliant for food contact application. Ester functionality allows for good compatibility with thermoplastic polyolefins systems.
  • Zano® 20 Plus 2: is a surface treated Zano® 20 with amino functionality. It is manufactured on request, mostly for use in polyamide for applications not in contact with food.
  • Zano® Al-10 / Zano® Al-10 Plus: Zano® Al-10 and its coated version Zano® Al-10 Plus are microfine aluminum doped zinc oxide with a typical aluminum content of 1wt%. The Al doping, results in some unique properties that make Zano®Al-10 suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • The key features of Zano® 20 make it an ideal solution in the application field of Plastics, Rubber/elastomer and engineered polymers.