We developed Zano®, an ultrafine zinc oxide that combines excellent broadband UVA/UVB absorption properties with high level of transparency in a wide range of applications. Therefore, Zano® is used worldwide in skincare and suncare applications as well as in polymers.


  • Zano® 10 & Zano® 10 Plus

    Offering the best balance between highest broadband UV protection and transparency

  • Zano® 20, Zano® 20 Plus & Zano 20® Plus 3

    Zano® 20 and Zano® 20 Plus offer the highest levels of transparency in cosmetics while still offering excellent UVA and UVB protection. The Zano® 20, Zano® 20 Plus and Zano® 20 Plus 3 grades were also specifically engineerd for plastics, fiber and textile applications.

  • Zano® M & Zano® M Plus

    Offering the highest levels of UVA protection

  • Xperse®

    Various dispersions of Zano® and Zano® Plus powders

  • Zano Al & Zano Al+

    Cosmetic + Polymer