Fine Zinc Powder for a better environment

EverZinc has always been a pioneer in offering fine zinc powder for a better environment to its customers. With the aid of our unique atomization process, we have for many years offered zinc powders of highest purity (SHG quality), this product being compliant with the stringent demands of ASTM D520 Type III.

We have also improved our recycling technology to produce distilled zinc metal pigment from zinc secondaries and can now offer grades with even lower levels of impurities, to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers, worldwide.

Upon request, we also supply distilled zinc metal pigment to conform to ASTM D520 Type II.

Large range of FZP

  • ZMP for coatings:
    • Distilled: super extra, standard 7,…
    • Sphericoidal (atomized): 4P16-32-64,…
  • Coarce powders for chemical applications: EEF/EERS/EEC/ZPQO
  • Zinc Alloyed Metal Powder (ZAMP) with Al-Mg and Bi (New)
  • Zinc Metal Pigment for water-based paint formulations (New, under development)

Table with the major EverZinc grades

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