Powders for extra corrosion protection

Everzinc developed zinc powders alloyed with bismuth (level 0,4%) with an improved corrosion protection and rust creep protection compared to the regular zinc powders. These zinc powders, called ‘ZAMP Bi’, are produced by the unique technology of Everzinc and are available in identical morphologies and particle sizes as the regular zinc powder grades:

  • Bi content : 0,4%

  • Zinc metal content ≥ 96,5%

  • Excellent rust creep results (≤ 1 mm Norsok M501/ISO 20340 test) for zinc rich paints with 80-85% zinc in the paint film, this for both zinc epoxy and zinc silicate paints

  • Rust creep 2-3 times better than with regular zinc dusts.

  • Improved corrosion properties in outdoor exposure testing as well as in accelerated corrosion tests.

  • The ZAMP Bi powders show no negative effects on the zinc rich paint properties (adhesion, viscosity, film formation…): identical to standard zinc powders.