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EverZinc is a key producer of zinc oxide, with a capacity of over 55.000 tonnes per year
Our zinc oxide is produced, as an intermediary product in Zolder (B) and as a final product at two modern plants, i.e., in Eijsden (NL) and Larvik (N).

EverZinc uses the most advanced manufacturing technology for its two principal zinc oxide production routes, the direct (or American) process and the indirect (or French) process, and offers a complete range of products, satisfying the needs of all the industrial applications.

While feed material of the direct process consists of oxidized residues generated by the zinc processing industry, metallic zinc either as virgin metal or as recycled zinc is the raw material for the indirect process.


EverZinc offers an extensive choice of direct and indirect zinc oxide products

Over the years, EverZinc has developed unique products with brand names with established reputations for consistant high quality and reliability.
EverZinc offers an extensive choice of direct and indirect high purity zinc oxide products, designed to meet the particular needs of each specific industrial application.

For further information on our portfolio zinc oxide, please contact your closest sales representative.